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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is Contenttea?

Contenttea is grown on the upland slopes of northern Thailand in rich, well-drained, fertile soil high above sea-level.
It is hand-picked, Sun-dried and hand-packed. There are no mechanical processes used in the production of Contenttea.
Its full-bodied, rich flavour is typical of teas from this area which are a special mixture of Chinese and Taiwanese strains.
Add a little hot water to the dark twisted leaves and the luscious flavour truly flows to welcome you to the land of old Siam.
Sip it gently and luxuriate as it pervades the body, refreshes the mind and brings contentment.
The delicate, musty fragrance is especially welcome if you have a cold and the tea is a completely natural product rich in the goodness from the Sun.

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